14 de dez. de 2010

Forum 2010-Compostela: Peace as Culture (english)

Appeal from the Forum 2010 and the WEF-Compostela (World Education Forum) to the movements that integrate the emancipating process of the World Education Forum and the World Social Forum.

The Forum 2010, held in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) during all December 2010, with three international congress, one high-level meeting and, especially, the thematic World Education Forum about “Education, Research and Culture of peace”, as well as a number of artistic and cultural parallel activities, urge the movements, organizations, chains and individuals to come together in the World Social Forum (WSF) and the World Education Forum (WEF) process, for the Culture of peace to be one of the cores of the transverse action in the way of another possible world or many other possible worlds.

The Culture of peace must be understood in the broadest sense, as education for the peace, human rights and democracy, social emancipation and knowledge, self-determination of peoples and environmental justice, as well as the way to a definitive overcoming of poverty and hunger, social exclusion and inequality, the unmistakable defence of intercultural dialogue and minority cultures and languages, together with the conflicts prevention and the consolidation of peace.

In the same way, the Forum 2010 appeals for the Declaration of Santiago de Compostela on the Human Right to Peace, approved unanimously in the International Congress held in the Forum 2010 from the 9th to the 10th December, to be a specific objective of the WSF and the WEF. Its legitimate desire is for the above-mentioned right to be approved by the United Nations and incorporated into the complementary legislation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

These organizations and movements that come together in the Forum 2010 claim their commitment of establishing the values and principles of the movement in favour of building a new world and the process against the world control by means of the WSF and the WEF capital. Their goal is to seek for a new world: a fairer, more democratic and more human world, without miseries, poverty, inequality or territorial, national or social abuses, in which the huge resources addressed to world armament fulfil the basic human necessities and in which people and world needs take priority over capital interests.

The Forum 2010 Organizer Committee and the WEF-Compostela condemn the closed borders policy of the European Union and Spanish government that hampered the presence of the delegations from Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Haiti and many more cases in Colombia and other countries in Santiago de Compostela. The idea of a European strength, offered to migrants and other cultures, is not a good way to reach universal peace. On the contrary, it promotes inequality, racism, xenophobia and hatred. This committee also wants to declare its energetic condemn to the police occupation in the University of Puerto Rico, an intolerable fact in every university in the whole world.

Finally, the Organizer Committee of the Forum 2010 and the Galician Local Committee, want to express its gratitude to the more of 70 entities and cooperating social movements, to the participating organizations (more than 200), to the delegates from more than 40 countries all over the world, to the private institutions and entities, especially the University of Santiago de Compostela, for its efforts and support, as well as to the artists, for its participation. And especially, to the more of 100 volunteers that made possible that, during the whole December, all Galicia and Santiago de Compostela was an international reference for the Culture of Peace.

Santiago de Compostela, 13/12/2010

[Translated by Leticia Senlle]

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